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The current membership stands at 18 nations, new members in 2014 being Ireland and Spain, plus Alliance International Hockey Club.

Peter Child,
WGMA 'Past' Pr
esident since June 2014


5th Grand Masters Hockey European Cup 2015

It has been decided to hold the 5th GM Hockey European Cup at Southgate H.C. in North London from 21st - 28th August included. The younger Masters tiournament will be held at St.Albans H.C. and both events will be branded as the EuroHockey Masters championships and will run parallel to and be closely linked to the main EuroHockey championships at the Lee Valley Hockey Centre.

Invitation and further infos will be sent to members latest end of September.

Formation of an FIH Masters Hockey Panel in July 2013.
 See official FIH Press Release under 'Masters Hockey'

Invitation to
18th Euroluc Super Veterans + 60 Tournament in Lille, France March 2015


June 2014 was a fantastic WGMA milestone with the

7th Grand Masters Hockey World Cup being held in The Hague, The Netherlands embedded in the Rabobank Hockey World Cup men & women. (see 'World Cup The Hague 2014') 

It was our biggest tournament ever, with 56 teams participating involving around 1200 players, coaches, managers, judges and umpires. Also for the first time, 3 Women's 60+ teams, England, Australia and The Netherlands, took part (playing with the younger Women's Masters teams in Rotterdam).

The address of  the official tournament website is : www.WGMA2014.nl 


It has been agreed to hold the 8th Grand Masters Hockey World Cup in 2016 in the town of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, probably at the beginning of May, 2016. 

More details will be available in due course.


1st inaugural Vintage Grand Masters (75+) hockey match held in November between England and Holland
See article under 'Latest News'

2nd Grand Masters Hockey Asian Cup 
was held at Hong Kong Football Club, 30th October - 3rd November 2013. See article under 'Latest News'.
Please note : the 3rd Asian Cup is planned to take place in the autumn of 2015 in Malaysia (dates and venue still to be confirmed).


Bravo! Super Veterans France has announced the founding of a new association called

Super Veterans Association for Field Hockey

with the aim of entering a team for the main WGMA tournaments in 2013 and onwards. See article under 'Latest News'.


For those interested in the future development of Masters hockey worldwide, they may like to read the following articles expressing WGMA's views, 'The Way Ahead' and 'Masters Hockey - A Blueprint for the Future'. These are to be found under the 'Masters Hockey' Heading.

For information, talks are ongoing with FIH on this subject.


The 4th GM Hockey European Cup tournament was held
 in Kontich, Belgium at RoyaBeerschot  THC,
from 18th August till  24th August 2013. 

Please note that more information relating to this tournament can be found in the special tournament website set up by Royal Beerschot THC :


The Trans Tasman Masters Challenge 2013 took place in Auckland, New Zealand from 4th till 12th May. This biennial competition is a series of three test matches between Australia and New Zealand in the Masters age groups of Men and Women : Over 40/45/50/55, and Grand Masters Men Over 60. There was also a separate invitational competition for the first time for Women Over 60. The next Trans Tasman is planned for May 2015, to be held in Australia, probably in Melbourne.


The Australia Men's Over 65 and Over 70 teams toured Malaysia, Japan and Korea from 6th till 28th May 2013, with matches held in Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Yamanashi, Fukui,  Hiroshima, Kyoto and Seoul.

New President of Alliance International H.C.

As of August 2012, the new president of Alliance International H.C. is Jose (Pepe) Borell Juanico, a former Spanish international hockey player, who succeeds Jorgos Dramitinos of Greece.

Grand Masters Hockey World Cup in Oxford, 24th August 2012

Netherlands are Grand Masters Over 60s World Champions!
In an exciting and close Final, Netherlands defeated Australia 2 - 1

(For full results, see extra Results page)

Great Grand Masters (Over 65s) Champions were England, winning 3 - 1 against Germany, and Senior Grand Masters (Over 70s) were Australia, beating England 1 - 0 in the Final.


Article on Visit of Australian Grand Masters to Tilburg, The Netherlands August 2012 (under heading "Masters")


EuroHockey Championships 2015 in London, England

For a Farewell Message from our former Vice President, Bernard Verbunt, see under Heading "Miscellaneous".

A new page, 'Masters Hockey', has been opened to cover latest developments in promoting Masters hockey in the world, particularly through coordination between FIH, WGMA and IMHA with National Hockey Associations.
Current news :
Meeting in May 2012 between FIH, WGMA and IMHA at London Olympic stadium.
A paper prepared in February 2012 by Adrian Stephenson, Hon.Secretary WGMA, is now included covering "Masters hockey - a Blueprint for the Future". It raises interesting ideas for improving and developing overall Masters hockey in the world.
We would, of course, be interested to have any views and ideas from website readers on this subject.

The following additional articles
can currently be found under
Latest News :

16th Euroluc Tournament, Lille, France March 2013

)  London chosen for the EHB EuroHockey Championships in 2015

3) Invitation to an Over 60s international tournament in Australia, June 2013
 - unfortunately now cancelled
New De Zestigplussers B
oard elected on 8th November 2011

1st WGMA Asian Cup and Singapore Grand Masters Cup held in   Singapore,End of October 2011 - plus Final Results

6) GM Hockey World Cup August 2012 in Oxford

7) Calling all World Umpires!

8) Alliance International Hockey Club formed